Together we Can rescue Liberia

With a vision to unite the diverse fabric of Liberia, Joe is committed to fostering inclusive growth, ensuring social justice, and empowering every citizen. Through sustainable development, quality education, and job creation, together we will build a resilient nation where every Liberian can thrive and prosper.

Every man needs a supportive mother & aunt. Our vision reflects unwavering dedication to women’s empowerment, rights, and equality.”

“Through a forward-looking approach, we pledge to enact inclusive policies and create opportunities that empower and uplift the next generation. We strive to bring peace of mind to mothers, knowing that their children will thrive.”

donate and Rescue the country

We are appointed to build and manage the fund-raising technology solution for the Joe Boakai’s campaign. Have confidence your money is in good hands. No worry.

We believe in Joe Boakai’s qualities (integrity, competency and compassion) and his commitment to Liberia.

We have to be at the table, take initiative and support the process, or else incapable, incompetent, grossly unprofessional, and people of the lowest character will constantly decide our lives for us.

 Let’s STOP talking and talking about how the Weah’s government has messed things up and taken Liberia backwards 100 years, with multiple misadventures and thievery. We are tired of hearing the complaints. Just take a stand, get involved, and take action. Now is the moment for the capable and competent to consolidate efforts and be available to rescue Liberia.

I have taken the bold step and donated my first $5,000 (United States Dollars) to Joe Boakai campaign. Donate whatever you have. Donate something now or volunteer. Just Donate and Rescue the Country.

You can trust that your hard-earned donations will be 100% protected and used for the purpose for which you have given. We are raising funds for the following:

  1. Campaign Infrastructure
  2. Campaign in all parts of Liberia
  3. Protecting Votes–Poll Watchers and Voter Roll Monitoring
  4. Get Out the Vote (GOTV) 

Choose and donate now for Joe Boakai.

You can choose to make your donation anonymous or public. In any event, only Joe Boakai will see your donation and thank you for your active support. We do not want to see you unjustly punished by Weah for your right to donate. Be not wary. Be courageous.

For God’s sake, stand up and do something to rescue Liberia. We ask you donate to Joe Boakai. It is essential to ensure that your donation goes to a reputable and transparent process like the one we have created.

Also, consider volunteering your time and skills to support the Joe Boakai’s campaign. You can offer assistance by organizing events, canvassing, vote monitoring, poll watching, phone banking, or providing technical expertise.

Relevant government experience counts. Real education and proven skills matter. Joe Boakai is proven and tested and has enormous integrity and standing.

Liberia is headed in the wrong direction. Rescue it with your heart, soul, and donation of your money and time.

Make no mistake that this election is between Joe Boakai and George Weah. Forget the rest of the make-believe and wishful analysis and thinking. Just take a side: Boakai versus Weah. Today, Joe Boakai is the front runner. If you think Weah’s government is clean and competent, then vote Weah. But if you think otherwise, then Vote Joe Boakai. It’s this simple.

“He who has ears, let him hear” the cries for rescue by Liberians.

John Morlu, II, CPA

Truly, your former Auditor General

my mission & Vision

The Fight For Social And Economic Justice Has Never Been More Urgent

Pillar 1

Macroeconomic Stability and Infrastructural Development

Pillar 2

Health, Wash, The Environment & Climate Change

Pillar 3

Human Capacity Development

Pillar 4

Governance and Rule of Law

Pillar 5

Gender, Youth, Children & Social Protection

Pillar 6


Best wishes

Building a Brighter Future: Our Vision for a Transformed and United Liberia

As a candidate for the presidency of Liberia, I am committed to bringing transformative change and building a brighter future for our beloved nation. My vision centers on implementing six key pillars to propel Liberia forward:

1. Macroeconomic Stability and Infrastructural Development

2. Health, WASH, The Environment & Climate Change

3. Human Capacity Development

4. Governance & Rule of Law

5. Gender, Youth, Children & Social Protection

6. Anti-Corruption

Together, let’s rise above our challenges and embrace a future where every Liberian has the opportunity to prosper. Join me in this journey of change and progress. Your support and contributions will be instrumental in making Liberia a shining example for Africa and the world. Let’s build a better Liberia, together!


My mission is clear: to bring about a transformative change that uplifts our nation and its people. Our comprehensive plan focuses on multiple fronts.

Joseph Boakai

Unity Party Standard Bearer