Two Years of Weah: Frustration Grows in Liberia

Two years after he was elected president on a promise to create jobs and battle corruption, Liberian President George Weah is facing growing frustration from his own people. Many Liberians accuse Weah of gross economic mismanagement and of reluctance to seek justice for the victims of the country’s bloody civil wars.

In the video, Liberian activist and political analyst Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei discusses the challenges facing Weah’s government. Nyei says that Weah has made some progress in terms of infrastructure development, but that he has not done enough to address the root causes of poverty and inequality in Liberia. Nyei also criticizes Weah for his handling of the justice system, saying that Weah has failed to prosecute those responsible for the country’s civil wars.

Nyei’s comments echo the sentiments of many Liberians, who are increasingly disappointed with Weah’s performance as president. A recent poll found that only 30% of Liberians approve of Weah’s job performance.

It remains to be seen whether Weah will be able to turn things around in the next two years. However, if he does not make significant progress soon, he could face a serious challenge from the opposition in the 2023 presidential election.

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