Sen. Koung Leads Reconciliation Effort in Nimba

In the spirit of reconciliation and pushing the One-Nimba unity agenda, Senator Jeremiah K. Koung has begun a reconciliation and appreciation tour across Nimba County after his election as Senator in the December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial election. Senator Koung commenced the 15-day countywide tour on Saturday, May 29, 2021 in districts #8 and #1.

Thousands of Nimba citizens were seen in a jubilant mood on Saturday at Bila-Sokopa, around the Bong-Nimba border, to receive their newly elected senator, Jeremiah K. Koung. The group comprised of youths, women, chiefs and elders, as well as representatives of the Christian and Muslim communities.

He was welcomed into the county with a traditional performance and the presentation of kola nut.

While in Sokopa, Senator Koung celebrated with the residents of the town, and later held an indoor program at the town hall. During the program, residents of the town presented several critical issues affecting them in that part of the county, which includes road connectivity.

In response to their plights, Senator Koung informed them that his mission for now is to appreciate citizens of Nimba who voted for him, as well as those who did not vote for him during the December 8 election. He told residents of Sokopa that his next visit to the town will be on developmental issues, where he and the town stakeholders will sit and discuss the major needs of the town and the district at large.

Following his entry at Bila-Sokapa borders, Senator Koung marched on the principle streets of Ganta, on to the Ganta Methodist Gein, where the indoor program in appreciation of the citizens of Nimba, especially district #1, was held.

During the Ganta occasion, Senator Koung dissolved all of his existing camps created for his election in 2020. According to him, election was now over and he is now the senator of Nimba; therefore, he considered that all the citizens of the county voted for him.

He committed himself to reconciling citizens of the county despite their political differences during the course of the election. Senator Koung emphasized that he sees citizens of Nimba as one family, and do not believe in “Gio man and Mano man” mentality, which he said is holding the county down.

He called on his supporters to stop categorizing people as “you were not in my camp and you never voted us”. He appreciated the people of Ganta for allowing him to serve them for over nine years at the House of Representatives.

On Sunday, Senator Koung visited several churches in Ganta, where several cash donations were made by his office. He visited United Liberia Inland Church, Methodist and the AG Church.

The Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) senator also visited Gar Dagamoun, where he assured residents of the town of his commitment in the construction of the extension of the public school in the town. He vowed to work with everyone in the town in ensuring that development becomes the order of the day.

Source: Hot Pepper Newspaper

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