In Lofa: Boakai – It Is Good to Be Back Home

Unity Party Standard Bearer and Former Vice President of Liberia Joseph N. Boakai have announced on his official social media page that he is currently in Lofa his home County ahead of the Senatorial By-Election in that part of the country.

The Unity Party Political Leader stated that he has conveyed a delegation to Lofa of which he is a part including the Party’s Chairman, other top party officials, supporters, and sympathizers to back their candidate Galakpai Kortimai of the Unity Party in Lofa County Senatorial By-Election that is set to take place on June 28, 2022.

I am in Lofa County leading a delegation of party leaders, supporters, and sympathizers. We are here to join the campaign to ensure that Galakpai Kortimai, Unity Party’s candidate, is elected Senator.

According to Amb. Boakai, while in Lofa, will visit a number of towns and villages in the Salayea district, before proceeding to Zorzor and onwards to Voinjama, Kolahun, Foya, and Vahun. Announcing that it is good to be back home, the UP Standard Bearer said he will be in the county until the result of the election is announced.

I am here until the by-election is held and results announced. It’s good to be back in Lofa County.

It can be recalled the second By-Election in that county is as a result of Brownie Samukai’s involvement in an alleged corruption act that prevented him from taking the seat as a senator of Lofa, despite winning the election.

Source: Reports231

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