Boakai Arrived in Lofa Ahead of Senatorial By-Election

Former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Joseph Boakai, has arrived in Lofa County and currently is in Salayea, spending some sixteen hours crisscrossing the District in a show of political force which was spiced up by another son of Lofa, Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah.

In the District of Salayea, thousands from Beyan Town to Zorzor District thronged the towns and villages along the highway to welcome their son and uncle, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party.

Following the massive reception at Beyan Town, the campaign train moved on to Gorlu, where Boakai told the cheering crowds that VICTORY is in sight for the Senatorial seat in Lofa. At Golowo Town, supporters of the candidate of the Unity Party turned the rally into a traditional event of reaffirmation and reconfirmation of support for Galakpai Kortimai behind closed doors, in a ceremony exclusively for decision-makers, stakeholders, and other eminent persons.

The caravan proceeded to Delimai and Socromu, where folks had been waiting all day. There, a series of consultations and meetings were concluded, after which the victorious entourage headed for Barwein and other adjacent parts, before finally landing in Zorzor around 8 pm, thus concluding 16 full hours of nonstop engagements along the way.

On arrival in Zorzor, the standard-bearer and team were received by several hundred in the City Center, where Boakai lifted the hand of Galakpai Kortimai, and presented him to the people of Lofa, urging them to vote for him.

The mass of people responded in thunderous applause. On the sidelines of this political rally headed by the Boakai, considered the Grand Uncle of Lofa, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah, operating at the level of the Lofa tradition, engaged the youth in a series of meetings. They had insisted that he, Kolubah, talk to them.

He brainstormed with the youths in a series of intellectual, palaver-hut-style meetings that spiced up the whole campaign. Friday morning, after a night of rest, the caravan moves along to Voinjama. Being the rainy season with tricky roads — it would be difficult to predict precisely just how many hours it could take to reach the provincial capital, where reports reaching the office of the Former Vice President say the crowds are getting bigger and restless, in anticipation of his arrival there.

As the caravan proceeds further North, in this presidential-style campaign that has stormed Lofa, the vibrations are said to be felt in adjoining counties (and foreign lands). The “Country Devil” (led by the traditional Chief of Protocol, Yekeh Kolubah, operating at another level), made his appearance and paid proper homage to the Former Vice President before his departure for Voinjama.

Source: Liberian Observer

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