‘Weah Gov’t Is the Most Irresponsible Government Ever’, Says Joseph Boakai

Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., Former Vice President and Standard Bearer of Unity Party (UP), said Friday that in his lifetime of several years of dedicated public service to Liberia, he has never seen a government so irresponsible, incompetent, careless, non-patriotic, and just utterly wicked as the CDC/Weah-led government.

Ambassador Boakai, who was the keynote speaker at the 16th Graduating Class of the Effort Baptist Church School, noted that the country is suffering not only from uncontrollable corruption but also bad governance, which includes a broken-down educational system, poor health delivery facilities, continual human rights abuses, deteriorating economic conditions.

Speaking to over 60 graduates and an audience filled with parents, friends, and well-wishers on the topic of “Building Good Character,” Ambassador Boakai said the graduates and young people who are to become the future leaders of Liberia should acquire and foster character-building, which represents the recognition of their responsibilities to take advantage of their education, which will equip them with the knowledge, understanding, skills, and values to face the challenges of tomorrow with confidence.

He emphasized that the lack of good character being exhibited by some individuals in the Weah government that led to rampant corruption which has engulfed the proper running of government, leading to three officials who were recently sanctioned by the Government of the United States. He further noted that the lack of character building in almost all segments of our society is a national burden most Liberians may not want to admit, but it is an open secret that the negative effect of poor character among us in Liberia today is serious as well as it is worrisome.

He told the graduates that people in leadership today who steal the nation’s resources are robbing them of their promised future. He further said these corrupt officials, apparently when they were in school, they were ones who cheated and bought grades, noting that “good character must always go with you in order to become honest, patriotic, and productive leaders in the future.”

Recently, the former Vice President and Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai described the Coalition for Democracy Change (CDC) as a completely irresponsible government, saying that they will not sit down and watch this country be given to irresponsible people again because the image and future of Liberia and Liberians are at stick.

Making special remarks during his visit to Ganta, Nimba County for the induction ceremony of Nimba Movement for Boakai (NIMBO) at the weekend the former ruling Unity Party political leader said the country is not playing anymore because the future of the young people is at stick, adding “six years from now if the Coalition for Democracy Change (CDC) is given space again to serve in national leadership we will say absolute goodbye to Liberia.”

He stated Liberia is no more respected because the image of the country has been derailed by irresponsible people, adding that some countries are just cooperating with us because we exist.

We will not sit down and allow this country of ours to be given to irresponsible people again who will give you promises and can’t do it. You don’t take what belongs to you and give it to the dog. It does not play you don’t do it now or later” Mr. Boakai cautioned.

According to him, the CDC government doesn’t mean a thing for this country therefore, they are going around using the money of the people that they have stolen to buy the votes of Liberians so they can come back to power to steal and corrupt.

He further indicated that it’s very saddened that government officials are sanctioned for “dry face corruption”, noting that where in the world have your learned that for such to happen for the country political leader to be sanctioned.

This is very sad and bad. How many of you are working here, how many schools functioning, how many teachers and civil servants are paid nothing. This government has done nothing because they don’t care. You are gambling with your lives. You are gambling with people who are foolish and don’t care” he noted.

Amb. Boakai continues that the CDC government came from nowhere and some are even having foreign passports that they are using to travel after stealing from the Liberian people what should have benefited them.

Mr. Boakai disclosed that under the CDC leadership the future of the youths is unclear, noting that he has lots of plans for the youths that will help bring better opportunity, jobs and scholarships for them all.

I will turn this around. Three years after my ascendency to the presidency Liberian will see a new Liberia. I am not just talking it, but this is serious we know what to do and what is out there. People will not take their resources and give it to people who all they think about is just their mouths like baby” Amb. Boakai explained.

He narrated that it’s only in Liberia that government workers work as if they are working for themselves because they don’t know that leadership is stewardship to manage the people, alleging that the only good roads the CDC government is constructing are those that lead to their homes.

We will not sit down and watch them damage this country. If God says it will happen fine but we have to try. 2024 it will be a new Liberia if I am elected. Those people are willing to drag this country down. We are not afraid of them” he explained.

Speaking on the 2023 presidential and legislative elections of Liberia, Mr. Boakai said that the CDC government can do all they want to do to rig the elections, but the Liberian people will deny them.

He lamented that the only way the CDC government will cheat in the elections except the Liberian people want them to cheat, but if they stand and say they want to rescue their country the government can’t do nothing.

Mr. Boakai vowed that the CDC government will account for all their corrupt activities they are carrying out in government, noting that he will make sure they are audited by his government when elected.

On Saturday September 23, 2022, former BP Boakai and his entourage from the Unity Party national leadership visited Ganta City Nimba County for the induction of Nimba Movement for Boakai (NIBO).

Prior to the arrival of Amb. Boakai, citizens of Nimba were taken from various towns and villages and transported at the Front of the Jackie Guest house where they converged and marched with the UP-stander bearer and their entourage on the principal streets of Ganta to the Ganta Methodist gymnasium for the indoor program.

The program was graced by the All-Liberian Party (ALP) political party leader, National Democratic Coalition of Liberia, Prof. Alaric Tokpah, Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) Political Leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe among others.

NIMBO members were inducted by Unity Party chairman Rev. Luther Tarpeh, while the fund-raising rally was lunched by VOLT political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe.

NIMBO was established in February 2022 by eminent and past local government officials.

Source: Independent Probe

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