George Weah Faces Criticism Over His 2-Month-Long Foreign Trips

Residents of Monrovia weigh in on the fact that Liberia’s president, George Weah, has been out of the country for a month and is expected to continue his travels for the next two weeks.

Critics have slammed the president for abandoning his duties and going to Qatar to watch his son play in the world cup but there are mixed reactions on the streets of Monrovia.

The time the president stay out of the country, actually with this arena we’re in, I’m against it. The reason is very simple. He was elected to serve the nation and besides that, we are into a crucial arena, where we’re heading to the national elections next year,” one resident of Monrovia said.

On November 22, the day after the first match of the United States against Wales (1-1), George Weah posted on his Twitter account photos with his son with this saying: “A proud father”.

On the 29th, after the 1-0 victory against Iran, he retweeted a video of him in a suit and tie falling into the arms of his son. “A moment of fatherly pride,” the caption read.

Weah departed Liberia on October 31 and is expected back on December 18, according to media reports. Throughout the trip, Weah was expected to take part in a forum on North-South dialogue in Morocco, in the climate conference in Egypt, in a forum on international cooperation in France and another on sport and peace in Monaco, and finally in a summit of African leaders in the United States.

His trip also included a ten-day stopover in Qatar for the World Cup.

Source: Africa News

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