Joseph N. Boakai – The Unity Party Rescue Mission

Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, Unity Party’s Standard Bearer and aspirant for the presidency in the October general and presidential elections, has begun 2023 on the moral footing, coming down strongly on the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government in what can be described as one of his sternest observations of the government. Standard Bearer Boakai stance was contained in his New Year’s Day message to the Liberian people on January 1, 2023. He called on Liberians to “turn a new page come October 2023”, describing his aspiring leadership of the nation as “a rescue mission, and I am your rescue one leading this special operation”.

According to Boakai, “These five years were characterized by disregard for human life, looting of the nation’s coffers, and natural resources with no account or report to the people of Liberia that employed this government with a clear mandate, which has not been fulfilled and will not be fulfilled.

Yet they ask for another chance to bring the country to its knees. The five years were characterized by gross violation of the Constitution, abuse of human rights and gross disregard for accountability.

This government will not improve your lives. They loot and give you peanuts. The resources are yours, so they are not doing you any favors by donating crumbs of stolen money and resources, including vehicles and motorcycles, that will not last,” the Unity Party Standard Bearer sounded.

Further, he said, “Our citizens continue to feel insecure when they go to bed at night simply because resources that are intended to protect lives and property are being diverted to political programs of the CDC. The Chief Executive consolation was ‘look after your own security’.

Boakai saluted all Liberians for the resilient, courageous and determined spirit during adversity, corruption and careless attitude exhibited by the CDC government over the past five years. “We salute you for braving the economic storms and challenges that you have faced over the past five years. Some of those challenges made your lives unbearable and miserable to the extent that five years of this government in power was like living in hell for many,” Ambassador Boakai asserted.

Source: Hot Pepper Newspaper

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