We Will Kick Weah Out

The standard bearer of the Unity Party former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has appeared in public for the first time, following reports of his illness and subsequent recovery, vowing to defeat President Weah at the poll in October to redeem Liberia.

All the hardship that you young people are facing today, aren’t they supposed to help you but don’t give up no matter what, we will kick Weah out and redeem Liberia”, the 80-year-old presidential hopeful vows.

Ambassador Boakai made the vow on Thursday, January 19, 2023, at the UP headquarters on Broad Street, Monrovia when a group under the banner of disenchanted CDCians endorsed his candidacy.

Accepting the endorsement statements from leaders of the disenchanted CDCians, Amb. Boakai thanked the group and partisans for showing up, stressing that enough is enough, it was time to take the country back.

As I was sitting, I was looking at the birth circle from age one to five; you learn how to crawl and walk, from six to eighteen, you want to graduate from high school; from nineteen to twenty-two, you want to get out of college, but unfortunately, this is not the case with the present President and government we have today.

He laments that young people have lost six good years that they could use to improve their lives and that those responsible for their current plight (inferring to the Weah Administration) still want to reduce it to add six more years, but this must not be allowed to happen.

According to the former Vice President, By the time this administration leaves office, Liberians will have no country, and in the end, they wonder why they have to be on earth.

And you are dealing with people who are selfish; they don’t care; they’re mosquitoes even if you dry, they will find space to eat”, he adds.

According to him, the situation is worrisome, saying “we are in a very serious situation and you the young people, this is no joke; your lives have been wasted; they are heartless people.

And so, when we say rescue, this is what God has brought us to do; this is a mission that we are on, whether you insult or do whatever, we will make sure to free this country.

He encourages Liberians not to lose hope, saying “don’t allow these people to take you down; let’s continue to believe in our country; what is happening is to show you that there’s still a future for you.”

The former Vice President, who checked in last week at ELWA Hospital in Paynesville after reportedly suffering minor fever, notes that most of the people who are dying due to depression, people going to bed thinking how will they feed their children, how can they pay their rent, amid the current economic hardship in the country.

Aren’t they supposed to free you from these hardships, but no matter what they do, we will kick them out and redeem this country.

He continues that young people who followed or supported the ruling establishment in coming to power, wanted change in their lives, but unfortunately, they couldn’t get it, noting that as he always told people, lies can give a person power, but only truth can keep him there.

Amb. Boakai laments that young people yearn for change, but today, they fall prey to selfish, greedy people, who believe that only their families, and children matter.

Today I want to say to all of the young people here that the God that we serve will satisfy all our needs, according to his riches in glory; let nobody make you afraid; you are doing what is right, for all the years you haven’t done it, they can’t do it for you”, adds.

Earlier, the chairman of the disenchanted CDCians, Lawrence Buway Tarter, said their decision to endorse Amb. Boakai is as a result of the CDC-led government’s failure to address the hardship being faced by vast majority of the citizens, who elected it to power.

Today, we have come to officially join the Unity Party because we think Ambassador Boakai is the rightful man that can redeem Liberia from this failed CDC government”, Chairman Tarter declares.

According to him, since the inception of the Weah-led government, nothing tangible has been done in Liberia for which they should seek another six years.

We are excited to realize our previous mistake that led us to supporting Weah and his government. But like the Bible says, only a wise man changes and today, we will remain with Ambassador Boakai for the redemption of Liberia” he pledges.

The endorsement program brought together scores of UP partisans, including the political leader of the opposition Liberty Party, Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence, who has expressed willingness to serve as Amb. Boakai’s running mate in October, if requested.

Source: The New Dawn

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