JNB Women’s Empowerment Program: 183 Women Gain Basic Livelihood Skills

The Joseph Nyuma Boakai Empowerment Program, on March 26, graduated 183 in various skills training categories including pastry, soap-making, agriculture, and among others.

The skills training program qualifies the graduates to generate income to provide sustainable support to their families. Saturday’s graduation is the second cycle of the Joseph Nyuma Boakai Empowerment Program, following the graduation of some 219 females and males in its first cycle earlier this year, under the theme: “Women are breadwinners as well.”

The training program, the second of ten cycles of life skills training, was planned by the National Coordinator of the Program, Magdalene Dagoseh, and her team.

Speaking at last Saturday’s graduation ceremony, former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Joseph Nyuma Boakai (JNB), said the development of Liberia especially the economy depends on programs such as the ones being undertaken by the Joseph Nyuma Boakai Empowerment Program.

He urged Liberians to take advantage of the training in order to improve their lives.

Meanwhile, speaking at a program marking the first cycle graduation, Dr. Augustine Konneh, a proxy of JNB, said the training program is the surest way to get people out of poverty by giving them needed skills aimed at empowering themselves.

Konneh also emphasized the importance of skills development in the building of any society and reiterated that building the capacities of Liberians is a foremost priority of UP Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai and the Unity Party.

You give people hope when you empower them,” Konneh said.

Retrospecting the first cycle graduation ceremony, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and Public Administration, Bong County Senator Prince Moye, reminded Liberians that this is the second time the Unity Party is coming to the rescue of the motherland.

He further reminded his audience that after the country’s 14 years of war in which a quarter of a million Liberians perished, the Unity Party inherited a broken country in 2006, literally starting from nothing.

He noted that the past Unity Party-led government restored the image of the nation and put Liberia back in the fold of the comity of nations and international relations.

He then said that the country needs to be rescued again, indicating that the Unity Party and her allies are ready to step in to correct the present situation.

Today’s ceremony was a reconfirmation of the March 3, cycle 1 graduation promises to get more than 800 Liberians out of poverty in the next three cycles.

The next graduation at Caldwell envisages an elaborate ceremony to get people out of poverty, according to a press release from the office of former Vice President and Standard Bearer of UP, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

Source: Daily Observer

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