Boakai Unveils Koung as Running Mate, Says He’s Not Perfect But Loyal

Ganta & Monrovia — In naming Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung as his running mate Friday, the standard bearer of Unity Party, Joseph Boakai, said his quest had been to find someone who would join him as a partner and build a dedicated team of leaders to rescue our country.

I wanted someone young and energetic who will commit to integrity and accountability in governance, commit to reconciling and healing our country and who by their early upbringing understands and connects with a youthful generation and nation still traumatized by war and denial but yet is an example to success.,” Boakai said.

Continuing, he added: “And more importantly someone who knows and experienced how it feels to live in a nation with no hope. Let me assure you that the person I did not look for is a sinless angel. However, that person must be one who understands the suffering of our people and is willing to rescue them.”

The former vice president said his search for a running mate was not a search for a sinless angel, but a real human being whose imperfection and belief in God compels him into seeking redemption and imbibes the humility and willingness to work with a team that will make our country better.

One who understands that life is about people not self. One who knows that collective progress will create a vibrant society and enhance opportunities for all.Our mission will seek to reform the Presidency and develop a new leadership team to effectively manage our country with integrity, honesty and respect for human dignity,” Boakai added.

Mixed reactions in Koung’s Nimba

In Koung’s native Nimba County, there have been mixed reactions to his selection by Boakai, with notable leaders of the county applauding the choice, while residents of the county, particularly some of those who had supported his political ambition from a two-term representative to a senator, threatening not to back the duo during the 2023 general elections.

Boost for Nimba

Expressing support for Koung’s choice, Odysseus Dolo, prominent Nimba businessman in Ganta, described the decision as excellent, adding Koung is the right man for the job.

I heartily congratulate Senator Koung on his nomination as the running mate to Mr. Boakai for the 2023 general elections.“ Mr. Koung entered public service in 2011 with impeccable credentials, which he has burnished by demonstrating great competence, integrity and courage since then.

We the partisans of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction can attest that Senator Koung is the right man for the job and that he will be an able and loyal lieutenant to our incoming President, Mr. Boakai.

We pledge our full cooperation and support to the Boakai-Koung ticket as we march again towards a resounding victory in the general elections. “We also assure Liberians that the choice that our party has made is for the best of our country.

Similarly, Gondlee E. Mambia, a resident of Ganta, lauded the choice of Koung, describing him as the right man for the job. “The selection of Senator Koung Unity Party standard bearer, clearly demonstrates, once again, Joseph Boakai’s strength in selecting competent people.

It has proven Boakai’s s focus for effective service delivery and has also provided an insight into what a government run by the UP standard bearer would be. We wish to clearly state that this selection has given us added confidence for success in the forthcoming 2023 general elections,” he added.

While we also congratulate our Party Members MDR, we urge Liberians to rally round this most suitable combination,” he said.

However, some residents of the county greeted Friday’s announcement of Koung as running mate to Boakai with dismay, describing the ticket as a potential threat to future unrest in the country if the Unity Party standard bearer were to win.

Senator Prince Johnson has said all the terrible things about Joseph Boakai. What would be his message to Nimbians if campaign got underway,” Terrance Smith, a Unity Party partisan.

Koung would be a good running mate to Boakai but how can we divorce him from the notorious warlord, Prince Johnson? I won’t be voting the Boakai – Koung ticket because I don’t trust Prince Johnson.

Francis Dahn, a resident of Ganta, said it would be difficult for Boakai to enforce the establishment of the War Crimes Court if he were elected president because of the selection of Koung.

Good ticket, but…

In Monrovia, FrontPageAfrica gauged the views of Liberians on the Boakai-Koung ticket, with many hailing the ticket, while others expressed skepticisms about the long-standing tie Senator Prince Johnson, a warlord, has with Koung.

Euodia T Gbatoe, a political activist, lauded the ticket, describing it as a strategic political move. “It is a strategic move on the part of Baokai. If you look at the county Jeremiah Koung hails, you will know that the ticket would be a formidable one. My only concern his link to Senator Johnson. If you know Sen. Johnson’s history you won’t celebrate such ticket,” she said.

Senator Prince Johnson is going to be a de facto vice president once the ticket wins. Senator Johnson is going to be a serious dictator in the Unity Party government. So, there will not be a good governance system when the Unity Party comes into power.

Madison P. Zondo, Youth Activist, said: “From what I understand, Joseph Baokai is supposed to be the Rescue One and will has selected Rescue Two to deliver the country from the extreme destitution that the country is going through. In this case, any person that Mr. Baokai chooses should be the same mind as Mr. Baokai.

Source: Front Page Africa

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