Macdella Cooper Endorses Boakai’s Presidential Bid

“… With all of the struggles that our nation has been going through, I believe that honorable Joseph Nyumah Boakai will be the one to heal Liberia of its wounds.”

The political leader of the Movement for One Liberia (MOL) political party, MacDella Cooper has endorsed the presidential bid of former Vice President Joseph Boakai.

Cooper said Boakai is the right man to lead the country in the right trajectory after a period of nightmare under President George Weah and his ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Majority of the population cannot even afford school fees because of those serving in positional powers, who are taking their children and other close relatives to foreign schools with the taxpayers’ money,” said Cooper.

“Since Liberia became independent, the majority of ordinary Liberians have experienced conditions worse than slaves because of the failure of past and present leaders of Liberia to mark a new dawn for which Liberia was declared independent,” she said. “This means that the love of liberty is still not true for most Liberians, because their daily lives depend on the mercy of nature, while officials of the government serve themselves to the country’s natural resources.”

Since naming Nimba County Senator, Jeremiah Koung, as his running mate, the presidential bid of the former VP, has received support from several individuals in the opposition political space.

The Boakai-Koung ticket recently received a major endorsement from Grand Bassa County Senator and former political leader of the Liberty Party, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, at a well-attended ceremony in the port city of Buchanan last month.

In welcoming Cooper and her team to the “Rescue Train”, as the Unity Party presidential ticket is code-named, Boakai promised to govern in the interest of the Liberian people, unlike past leaders who downplayed the interests of the masses after being elected.

My leadership is going to be for the ordinary Liberian,” Boakai said in his response to the endorsement.

“If elected president come October 10, his government is not going to be ‘our time’ but rather the citizens’ time,” he told the gathering.

Before, Liberia was a country that when people wanted to go to the United States, they would say if they only went to Liberia, they would go to the United States, but today nobody wants to touch it,” he said.

I tell you, this country is going to be transformed. The potential of it is going to be revealed, our people are going to know that this country is here,” he added.

In a brief remark, Jeremiah Koung, code-named ‘Rescue 2’, expressed gratitude to the MOL political leader for choosing the Rescue Team, noting that the team will live up to the expectations of the Liberian people when given state power come October 10, 2023.

“I’m happy that you have joined the rescue train,” he said. “We are confident that you have come to make Joseph Nyuma Boakai the next president to rescue Liberia.”

The endorsement of Joseph Nyuma Boakai by the MOL, many believe, is a significant development and a twist in the upcoming presidential race. With MOL’s support, Boakai’s chances of winning the election have increased significantly, some have said. The endorsement also highlights the growing importance of coalition-building in Liberian politics.

MOL’s decision to endorse Boakai is likely based on his track record in his long years of public service and his personality.

As a former vice president, Boakai has extensive experience in government and has been involved in several key initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Liberians. His policies on education, healthcare, and economic development are also likely to have resonated with MOL members.

The endorsement also underscores the need for political parties to work together to achieve their goals. In a country as diverse as Liberia, it is essential that different groups come together to form coalitions that can effectively represent the interests of all citizens. By endorsing Boakai, MOL has demonstrated its willingness to work with others.

Source: Liberian Observer

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