Southeastern Group Endorses Boakai

A group styled South Eastern Alliance for Weah’s Re-election or SEAWR, has instead, endorsed the Boakai-Koung Ticket of the opposition Unity Party.

The South Eastern Alliance for Weah, comprised of key regional leaders, declared its support for the UP‘s ticket here on June 7, 2023, thus, bolstering the momentum of Amb. Joseph N. Boakai and Senator Jeremiah Koung as the presidential race gains intensity.

The chairman of the group, Watson Chelley, says the decision is influenced by distressing sexual abuse attacks suffered by many Liberian women and girls, as revealed in a leaked audio released by ruling CDC chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu, involving citizens soliciting jobs from government officials.

The endorsement by the South Eastern Alliance is anticipated to significantly shape the political landscape as the nation approaches the upcoming elections.

Mr. Chelley also highlights pervasive hunger prevalent throughout the republic, emphasizing the need for an experienced political figure like former Vice President Boakai, to rescue the country.

The high level of corrupt practices has deterred international investors from returning or investing in our economy, which requires sustainable development,” he says.

He laments that an unprecedented surge in drugs, never before witnessed since Liberia’s establishment in 1822, is allegedly being supported by President George Weah himself.

Chelley recalls President’s association with a fellow Liberian, James Bestman during the latter’s arrest in the United States for drug trafficking, noting that Bestman was convicted on charges of marijuana possession and money laundering in April 2012.

The fact remains that Mr. Weah was present with James Bestman when he was apprehended for drug trafficking in the United States of America. This incident serves as a reminder,” he underscores.

He also observes that the recent US$100 million cocaine case, which the Ministry of Justice did not handle with due seriousness, could be attributed to alleged manipulation from President Weah.

The South Eastern Alliance leader warns that Liberia would face dire consequences if citizens make a mistake in electing President Weah for a second term.

Chelley explains that the group was established two years ago with the sole purpose of supporting President Weah’s re-election, adding that despite the President neglecting the region due to deplorable road conditions, they have worked tirelessly to persuade their people to re-elect him.

But he notes: “We, as a team, have come to realize that supporting the president in the past was the most regrettable decision in our nation’s history.

According to him, the level of suffering currently being experienced by counties in the Southeast surpasses even hardships endured during the height of the civil war in the country.

Moreover, he laments the absence of basic social services, impassable roads, business closures, drug shortages in hospitals, and a lack of teachers in schools, while criticizing the Weah-led government for providing the people of Sinoe County only 15 ineffective solar light poles don not function during heavy downpour.

What have you done for the people of River Gee? What have you done for the people of Grand Gedeh, who still perceive you as the son of Samuel Kanyon Doe, despite your lack of contact with the Doe family? What have you truly accomplished for the people of Grand Kru in the past six years? Is it merely building a few housing units for your family members in Grand Kru?” He asks President Weah.

Meanwhile, the government, thru the Ministry of Public Works has embarked on vigorous pavement of roads in the Southeastern region, barely four months to the Presidential poll.

Source: The New Dawn

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