Boakai Promises Transformation in 3 Years

Former ruling Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer (UP) Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai has assured and promised Liberians of a new, better and transformed Liberia within three years of his administration if elected President during the much publicized October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Addressing a cross session of partisans, sympathizer and well-wishers during his Montserrado County Tour over the weekend in Electoral Districts #2, 3, 15 and 16, former Veep Boakai said Liberia is gradually disappearing and so he will ensure that within three years of his leadership Liberia will be rescued and transformed.

I can assure that three years after the rescue mission on October 10, 2023 you will see Liberia, a new Liberia for you. Believe it because we are serious about this. There is a traditional saying that if your father starts eating the rice from the tail, then there is nothing for you to eat because it’s the tail that the children supposed to eat. This country is disappearing and we are not going to allow it be. This country needs redemption,” asserted Amb. Boakai.

Amb. Boakai, who is the forerunner to President George Manneh Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), indicated that Liberians are suffering under the leadership of the CDC-Led Government, especially females who are selling in the streets and can’t even buy a cup of rice to eat.

God is saying now to you, Liberia you have had all but this time I am going to give you somebody that I have honor and that’s why I am here. I am that person that God has destined. This job is not a football field and not a play, rather it’s a place for someone who cares for people and someone who understands the country. Liberians, we are here today in gratitude to what you doing but the serious time comes when you cast the vote,” he stated.

Nobody cares, people think they will throw biscuits, money and rice at you and you will vote them. When you change money you have to get the old ones from the market but not in the case of this government. It was just a day ago I saw the one thousand [bank note]. You don’t bring money for yourself but the country. However, they are who they are and so they need to be shown the exit door,” he furthered.

The UP Flagbearer pointed out that no Liberian needs to be told about the difficulties and hardships that Liberians are going through, stressing that Liberia is a complete joke in the face of the International Community.

I want to thank the Christians and Muslims for their prayers. This country needs redemption. If it is not so, none of you standing here will have this in your prayer. Some of you are in your late or early 30s but now, are you satisfied with where you are? We have to give you a future and that future is coming. Liberia is blessed because God has given Liberia whatever it asks of and that we will use for the benefit of all,” Amb. Boakai assured.

He stated that the vote of Liberians will represent the future of the country because the future of Liberia is for all of those who are struggling and finding it difficult to find livelihood for themselves and their families.

The ex –VP mentioned that Liberia has had almost everything, a dictator, solider, war-lord, female and now a youth president and so it’s someone like him that is needed.

This country said they wanted a dictator, and so we had a president who served for twenty-eight years. God asked us again who do we need and we said a solider and we had Samuel K. Doe. Later we said we needed a war-lord and he gave us Charles Taylor. He later asked us again and we demanded a woman and he gave us Madam Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf. God gave us chance again and we told him that we needed a youth, and we now have President George Manneh Weah,” Amb. Boakai disclosed.

God said that he will not just be a youth but an icon of the young people and someone that the young people fall for and he will be from the grassroots. Today, we are here to thank all of you for coming. Folks, this is really a place to meet friends to have fun. This is a serious business and it’s a decision making thing. It’s for your future,” the former VP, among other things, added.

Source: Heritage News

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