Feeding the Needy – Unity Party Takes Feeding to Vulnerable People

Monrovia – On Saturday, June 17, Unity Party Alias Rescue Mission youths fed approximately 500 youths and the elderly on Monrovia’s streets.

The campaign titled “Rescue Youth Feeding and Awareness” is to feed and educate the vulnerable in Liberia.

The head of the group Mandela S. Gbollie said the campaign is to ensure that there is a rising discussion in Liberia about how important it is to cater to these kinds of young people.

According to Miss Estella Ceasar it is still a priority to feed individuals who have been essentially abandoned by the regime.

Food water and drinks were distributed, and “the importance of rescuing our country remains paramount.”

In 2022, the Liberian government and its partners launched the National Fund Drive for the Rehabilitation of “At-Risk Youths” in Liberia but it is yet to kick-start.

Young people make up more than 65% of Liberia’s 4.5 million population. In Liberia, zogo (vulnerable youths) is a term used to describe underprivileged young people between the ages of 15 and 35.

Many of them have been accused of stealing and, in some cases, violently assaulting or harassing pedestrians to survive.

The growth in disadvantaged young people (logos) is a contemporary challenge for the country, but the campaign by the “Rescue Mission” wants to change the narrative.

This threat continues to endanger public safety and security. The truth is that Liberia, the oldest West African independent nation, has more work to do to free its young people from the scourge of illicit drug addiction, which threatens to damage the country’s peace and security, as well as undo the advances gained over time in restoring the country’s peace and security.

The campaign is expected to be done in other counties.

Source: Front Page Africa

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