Former Vice President Joseph Boakai Names Full Campaign Team

Former Vice President Joseph Boakai has named his full campaign team for the 2023 presidential election. The team is a mix of experienced politicians and young professionals, and it reflects Boakai’s commitment to building a strong and inclusive campaign.

The team is led by Jeremiah Koung, who served as Boakai’s chief of staff during his time as vice president. Koung is a seasoned political operative with a deep understanding of Liberian politics. He is also a close confidant of Boakai, and he is well-positioned to lead the campaign.

Other key members of the team include:

  • Benoni Urey, a former businessman and politician who served as chairman of the Liberty Party. Urey is a popular figure in Liberia, and he is expected to play a major role in the campaign.
  • Jewel Howard-Taylor, a former first lady and senator who is the current leader of the Unity Party. Howard-Taylor is a powerful and experienced politician, and she is expected to bring a strong female presence to the campaign.
  • Daniel Chea, a young lawyer and activist who is the president of the Movement for Progressive Change. Chea is a rising star in Liberian politics, and he is expected to energize the campaign’s base of support.

The campaign team is also expected to include a number of other experienced politicians and young professionals. Boakai has said that he wants to build a team that is representative of Liberia’s diversity, and he is committed to ensuring that the campaign is inclusive and accessible to all Liberians.

The announcement of Boakai’s campaign team is a major step forward in his bid for the presidency. The team is well-positioned to run a strong and successful campaign, and it reflects Boakai’s commitment to building a united and prosperous Liberia.

In the video, Boakai also discusses his plans for rural Liberia. He says that he is committed to investing in rural areas and to improving the lives of rural Liberians. He also says that he will work to create jobs and to promote economic development in rural areas.

Boakai’s plans for rural Liberia are welcome news to many Liberians. Rural areas are often neglected by the government, and they are home to some of the poorest people in Liberia. Boakai’s commitment to investing in rural areas is a sign that he understands the importance of these areas and that he is serious about improving the lives of rural Liberians.

The 2023 presidential election is shaping up to be a close race. Boakai is a strong candidate, and he has a well-organized campaign team. However, he will face stiff competition from incumbent President George Weah. The election is expected to be closely contested, and it will be interesting to see who emerges victorious.

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