Boakai Announces Powerhouse Team for 2023 Campaign

In a momentous announcement during the birthday celebration of Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence at the prestigious Farmington Hotel, Unity Party Standard Bearer Joseph Boakai unveiled the formidable team that will spearhead his 2023 campaign.

Taking on the crucial role of chairperson for the campaign is none other than Senator Lawrence herself, hailing from Grand Bassa County. Known for her unwavering dedication and remarkable leadership skills, she is poised to guide the campaign to new heights. Assisting her in the crucial task of administration is the esteemed Maryland County Senator James Biney, who has been appointed Vice Chair for Administration. With his wealth of experience and astute organizational abilities, Senator Biney is primed to ensure smooth operations within the campaign.

In addition, former UP Chairman Amin Modad has been entrusted with the pivotal position of vice chair for planning and research. His sharp intellect and strategic thinking will serve as invaluable assets in shaping the campaign’s direction and formulating effective strategies.

Tapping into the realm of technical expertise, Tonorla Varpilah has been appointed as vice chair for technical services. With a solid background in this field, Varpilah is well-equipped to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to drive the campaign forward.

Joining this exceptional team is former Presidential Candidate Macdella Cooper, who will serve as vice chair for finance. Recognized for her shrewd financial acumen and passion for economic empowerment, Cooper’s expertise will be instrumental in securing the necessary resources to fuel the campaign’s success.

With this powerhouse lineup, Boakai’s 2023 campaign is fortified with a diverse range of talents and perspectives. Together, they are poised to unite the nation and lead it towards a brighter future.

Meanwhile, just one day after being appointed, Senator Lawrence wasted no time in expressing her gratitude and commitment to her new role as she took to her Facebook page. She wholeheartedly acknowledged her appointment as the campaign chairperson for the RESCUE MISSION and vowed to fulfill her promise.

With immense gratitude, she extended her thanks and appreciation to Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai, the standard-bearer of the Unity Party, for assembling what she described as an exceptional team. This team, she believed, would be instrumental in achieving their collective goals.

We are humbled and honored to have been entrusted with the role of campaign chairperson for the RESCUE MISSION. Rest assured, we will deliver on our commitment to make a significant impact,” Senator Lawrence proclaimed.

She recognized the tireless efforts of Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai, who had demonstrated strong leadership by carefully selecting a team of individuals who possessed the necessary skills and expertise to drive the campaign forward.

Senator Lawrence concluded her message with a heartfelt expression of gratitude towards the Unity Party and its collaborators, the team responsible for her appointment. She acknowledged their belief in her abilities and promised to work relentlessly alongside the entire team to ensure their collective vision became a reality.

We extend our deepest gratitude to RESCUE ONE for entrusting us with this responsibility. Together, we will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of positive change,” Senator Lawrence declared, filled with determination and anticipation for the challenging but rewarding journey ahead.

Source: Dakpannah 24

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