Boakai Promises Dignified Life for Liberians

Kakata, Margibi County — The opposition Unity Party Standard Bearer former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai was greeted Thursday by an excited crowd of supporters in Kakata, Margibi County as he vowed to offer Liberians dignified life when elected President of Liberia.

Mr. Boakai asserted that the once progressive Liberia has since deteriorated since the ascendency of President Geroge Weah to the helm of power, especially the agriculture, education and health sectors.

As your president, I will give all Liberians hope again; I will improve the agriculture sector, education system and ensure that social services are improved under my government,” Amb. Boakai vowed.

He said his government will focus on providing decent job opportunities for all Liberians regardless of status and political affiliation.

The opposition political leader encouraged Liberians and his supporters to believe that all is not lost in the face of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government failure on living up to its campaign promises.

We will give Liberians better future; we will feed ourselves and there is no need for people to go beg in order to eat.” Mr. Boakai said amidst cheering from the crowd of supporters.

Mr. Joseph N. Boakai noted that the world is ready to help Liberia and Liberians but only with a good and responsible leadership to work with in acelerating the development agenda of the country, adding that he is the right man to attract the world to Liberia.

At the same time, Amb. Boakai frowned at President Weah for reportedly failing to rebuild the ravaged C. H. Rennie Hospital that was gutted by fire more than two years ago.

His words: “Margibi is blessed with lots of institutions. We have the Booker Washington Institute and teacher training institute. We need to improve these institutions, especially the BWI; BWI needs to be upgraded to one of the best institutions.”

Promised to Fight Corruption

Mr. Boakai has vowed to vigorously fight the manac of corruption, disclosing that the war against corruption will start with a comprehensive audit of the Weah-led government and ensure that would-be culprits are brought to book.

People who are building mansions must be brought to answer on how they got the money from to build these houses; you must be proud to state on how you got the money to build these houses,” Amb. Boakai said.

The UP Standard Bearer, however, warned Liberians that a mistake to reelect President Weah in 2023 will be the ultimate end of Liberia.

Speaking earlier, Mr. John Z. Buway on behalf of the different auxiliary groupings said the huge number of supporters who covered on Thursday was just a fraction of Upper Margibi County including Kakata, Larkayta Township, and Weala.

Margibi is back for the Unity Party. No one should intimidate anyone so that they can win Margibi County. We are ready to give Unity Party eighty percent of the votes on October 10,” Mr. Buway asserted.

Source: Front Page Africa

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