Boakai Outlines Anti-Corruption Agenda

Monrovia – In a special statement today, Joseph N. Boakai, Sr., the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, declared his commitment to tackling corruption as one of the primary objectives of his administration, should he be elected as the President of Liberia. Boakai emphasized the urgent need to confront this “cancer” that is eating up the country and pledged to address it with utmost brutality.

Boakai’s anti-corruption strategy involves the establishment of renowned anti-corruption czars, who will be fully empowered to recover stolen funds and ill-gotten properties from officials of the Weah Government. He expressed confidence in their unmatched expertise and track record, assuring the public that they would be well-equipped to deliver results.

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive and effective investigations, Boakai emphasized that his government would actively pursue the recovery of ill-gotten gains and hold accountable those who have abused their positions of trust. The scrutiny will extend to all individuals directly and indirectly involved in their transactions. Boakai stressed that this fight against corruption demands a thorough examination of contracts, appropriation and execution of the national budgets, existing audit reports, and other related financial records.

Transparency and impartiality will be paramount in this process, as independent institutions tasked with combating corruption and building robust systems of accountability will be adequately funded and empowered. These institutions will play a pivotal role in conducting professional and meticulous investigations to uncover any illicit enrichment and ensure that justice is served. Individuals unable to provide a reasonable explanation for their sudden accumulation of vast wealth within a span of fewer than six years, based on their declared incomes, will be required to present their case before the judiciary.

Boakai stressed that this initiative aims to restore faith in Liberia’s democratic institutions and ensure that public resources are used for the betterment of all Liberians. By retrieving unlawfully acquired assets, the funds can be redirected towards essential services such as education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and job creation. The Standard Bearer also sent a stern message to his own appointed officials, stating that the highest degree of integrity is demanded of them, or the reinvigorated and well-resourced anti-corruption institutions will take action.

In his concluding remarks, Boakai called upon all Liberians to support the campaign against corruption, emphasizing its crucial role in the future prosperity of the nation. He urged unity and determination to build a fair and just society where opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of their background or connections.

Source: Front Page Africa

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