From Foya to the Capitol – Joseph Nyuma Boakai

A biography elegantly written by Professor Sakui Malakpa highlighting Joseph Boakai’s long road of service so others from the other counties and countries get a fresh reminder of VP Boakai’s journey. Get the book from Amazon

The biographical book, “From Foya to the Capitol” is a crisp and superb read. I read it cover-to-cover in two straight days because the author grabbed my attention from the opening and I couldn’t let go; I was willingly dragged along for the reading pleasure. The book tells a fascinating tale about the life of a great man, His Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Vice President of the Republic of Liberia. Dr. Sakui Malakpa does an outstanding and thorough job in portraying the Dickensian-like character of a child who beats tremendous odds just to survive; but he doesn’t simply survive, he excels through the application of inner strength of spirit. As he suffers for mere survival, he dares to dream and aim high. He puts his faith in God and practices what he believes: He lives simply and honestly; he cheats no one and holds no grudges against others, no matter the case; he willingly shares whatever he has, no matter how little, and works very hard while denying himself basic pleasures, exemplifying the notion of delayed gratification. In short, young Boakai becomes the poster boy of honesty, simplicity and hard work.

He goes from the Dickensian dungeon from one incredible opportunity to another. The once penniless lad has demonstrated successfully that one does not have to have greatness thrust upon him; that greatness can be achieved through hard work, honesty, devotion and uncompromising integrity. Through it all, he remains a staunch and devout Christian and a devoted family man.

The reader benefits from reading this volume in two ways: First in learning about the incredible story of the VP’s journey through life and, secondly, through the crisp, lucid and intellectual, but friendly style of the author. Dr. Malakpa comes to the task not as a partisan or a kinsman, but as a deep and impartial intellectual. He uses a friendly approach in bringing to life the many voices of those who know the VP well, and have known him in several capacities over the years. But he also takes pain to tie the work, or the VP’s life to a number of sources, spiritual, theological, historical, inspirational and otherwise. It is amazing how many references he provides in other to justify the conclusions he reaches by painting a clear and unbiased picture of the life under review. The book is a fascinating and seminal work that will have broader implications for the Liberian reader, partisan or not. It is simply a great work that deserves to be read for two reasons; firstly, to get to know Honorable Joseph Nyuma Boakai, and, secondly as a book of wisdom for a country that is in short supply of role models. The gentleman is a role model, worthy of emulation.

Theodore Hodge

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