Senate Pro-temp Predicts ‘No First Round Victory’ for President Weah

…. “The Liberian people will re-elect us. We have fulfilled 85 percent of the people’s wishes. But I can’t tell if it will be one round,” Pro-Temp Chie said.

Senate Pro-Temp Albert Chie has cast doubt on the possibility of President George Weah securing a first-round victory come October 10 polls, as predicted by the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change

Chie, a ranking member of the governing party, cited the crowded field of candidates as a significant hindrance to Weah winning the election outright in the first round.

The president, who is up for reelection, is facing serious challenges from Vice President Joseph Boakai and Alexander Cummings.

However, Chie noted that while the election might go to the second round, Weah would emerge as the victor as his government has “done extremely well.”

The Liberian people will re-elect us. We have done 85 percent of the people’s wishes,” Chie, who is up for reelection in Grand Kru County, said on Monday. “All governments are humans and liable to mistakes, but overall, we are doing well. But I can’t tell if it will be one round.”

The economy has some challenges, oh! Yes, but that’s not unique to Liberia. Looking at all the indicators and indexes, we are doing well. All currencies around the world have depreciated against the mighty dollar,’’ he added.

The Senator remains adamant that the current economic challenges, which have led to a budget shortfall and delay in public sector work security, will not affect the reelection chances of Weah, even though the election, according to Chie, might not be won in the first round.

Chie emphasized that the current political scenario will lead to a divided vote, making it challenging for any single candidate to secure the required majority in the first round of voting — which will then necessitate a runoff election.

The Liberian constitution requires a candidate to secure more than 50% of the votes to win outright in the first round. If no candidate achieves this threshold, a runoff between the top two contenders is then held.

The October 10 polls election has already seen a significant number of candidates vying for the nation’s top leadership position, resulting in a highly competitive political landscape.

About 19 persons are contesting the presidency, but the race is down to three frontrunners: Weah, Boakai, and Cummings.

The CDC-led Government has done extremely well, and as such, it would be re-elected at the October polls come what may.

Chie noted that Weah will defeat any party or any coalition that comes its way, but not in the first round as some people may expect.

The Senator’s remarks may, however, not go down well with supporters of the President who believe a first-round victory is certain.

Source: Liberian Observer

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