CDC Accused of Violent Provocation by UP Alliance

For immediate Release!
August 6, 2023

The Unity Party Alliance 2023 Campaign Committee has accused the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of engaging in violent provocation during the start of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative campaign. On April 4, 2023, the CDC, along with more than 20 political parties, signed the Farmington’s Declaration committing to a peaceful electoral process. We expect that the CDC will abide by the tenets of Farmington Declaration.

The recent childish and violent action of the CDC on the first day of the campaign, involving a casket bearing a derisive portrait of a Statesman, not only represents a clear violation of the nonviolent agreement but also confirms the Unity Party Alliance’s position – that the CDC lacks maturity and has no clear message for its attempts at re-election. Violent actions have consistently characterized the activities of the CDC since its establishment, and the party has not implemented desirable policies for the benefit of the Liberian people during its six years in power.

Governments in other jurisdictions typically present the gains they have achieved over the years and outline their development policies. However, parading with a casket on the first day of the campaign demonstrates that the CDC is no longer worthy of the trust and confidence of the Liberian people. The use of a casket as a symbol is deeply troubling, as it represents death, and the Unity Party Alliance empathizes with the suffering of the Liberian people while the CDC appears to delight in it, even wishing for more deaths.

The CDC government has not been accountable for its stewardship of the country over the past six years, opting instead for unprovoked actions that incite violence and undermine the elections. The Liberian electorate is seeking alternative policy prescriptions for the vexing issues they face.

The CDC’s failures are evident in the increased poverty, healthcare costs, and lack of access to education. Civil servants have suffered salary cuts and lost their dignity, unable to afford tuition for their children. Governance, rule of law, and basic social services have been undermined, leaving hospitals without basic drugs and schools without essential supplies.

Under a Unity Party government, President Amb. Joseph Boakai will prioritize restoring the dignity of civil servants and healthcare professionals and teachers as part of the JNB-JKK development concept called ARREST (Agriculture, Road, Rule of Law, Education, Sanitation/Health, and Tourism) agenda.

While the Unity Party Alliance is committed to a nonviolent campaign, the CDC, as the ruling party, should be reminded of its constitutional responsibility and refrain from unprovoked actions.

We call on our citizens to remain calm, and we will officially notify our partners about the CDC’s violent actions. To all foot soldiers of the rescue mission, be on alert as you may be called into action at any time.

Amos Tweh
National Secretary-General


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