Failed Promises of George Weah’s Government

George Weah was elected president of Liberia in 2017 on a platform of change. He promised to create jobs, fight corruption, and improve the lives of ordinary Liberians. However, many of these promises have not been fulfilled.

One of Weah’s most notable failed promises was to establish a national airline, Lone Star Air. This promise was made in response to the high cost of airfare in Liberia, which made it difficult for people to travel within the country and to other parts of the world. However, Lone Star Air has not yet been launched, and there is no indication that it will be anytime soon.

Another failed promise was to create one million jobs. The unemployment rate in Liberia is still high, and many young people are struggling to find work. Weah has made some progress in this area, but he has not yet met his goal of creating one million jobs.

Weah also promised to construct a coastal highway. This project would have helped to improve transportation and trade in Liberia. However, the coastal highway has not yet been built, and it is unclear when it will be completed.

In addition to these major promises, Weah has also failed to fulfill many smaller promises. For example, he promised to build seven new soccer stadiums, but only one has been completed. He also promised to build a twin city on Bhali Island, but this project has not yet started.

The failure to fulfill these promises has led to frustration and disappointment among many Liberians. They feel that Weah has not delivered on his promises, and they are questioning his ability to lead the country.

There are a number of reasons why Weah has failed to fulfill his promises. One reason is that he inherited a difficult situation. Liberia is a poor country with a history of conflict. The economy is weak, and there is a lot of corruption. It will take time for Weah to make a significant difference in the lives of Liberians.

Another reason for Weah’s failures is that he has been distracted by other issues. He has been involved in a number of controversies, including allegations of corruption. This has taken up a lot of his time and energy, and it has made it difficult for him to focus on fulfilling his promises.

Finally, Weah may have simply made promises that he knew he could not keep. He may have been trying to win votes by promising things that he knew he would not be able to deliver. This is a common tactic in politics, but it is ultimately unfair to the people who believe these promises.

The failure of Weah to fulfill his promises is a major disappointment for many Liberians. It is important to hold him accountable for his promises, and to demand that he make progress on the issues that matter to the people of Liberia.

Some of the most notable failed promises include:

  1. Lone Star Air
  2. One Million Jobs
  3. Coastal Highway
  4. Seven Soccer Stadiums
  5. Twin City on Bhali Island
  6. Two Thousand Housing Units in West Point
  7. Forty Israeli Companies
  8. Twenty-Two UAE Investors
  9. Two Overhead Bridges in Congo Town
  10. ELWA-RIA 4-Lane Road
  11. Agriculture Bank
  12. Mineral Resource Swap
  13. Wig (Hair) Factory
  14. Six thousand Nigerian Teachers
  15. 2000 Light Poles across Montserrado
  16. Empower 250,000 Street and Out-Of-School Youths
  17. Free Loan for Market Women
  18. Visa Upon Arrival (VUA)
  19. One Football Academy
  20. New Broadcast Complex for LBS
  21. Rehabilitation Center for Zogos
  22. US$5m Solar Panel
  23. National Youth Center
  24. E-Procurement System
  25. NHA 50,000 Housing Units
  26. Free medical for PWDs
  27. US$2m Coastal Defense Project in New Kru Town
  28. US$40m Metropolitan Coastal Resilience Project
  29. WIFI and Optimization at UL
  30. US$50m Medical Laboratory
  31. Free Medical Care For Citizens Aged 70 and Above
  32. Health Subsidy for Poor Citizens
  33. National Housing Census
  34. National Sex Offender Registry
  35. Special Prosecutor for Rape
  36. Service Center in each county
  37. Zwedru–Fish Town Road
  38. Grand Kru–Sinoe Road
  39. Science Club in secondary schools
  40. Food Bank
  41. US$420.8m EBOMAF Loan
  42. US$536.4m ELTON Loan
  43. National Adult Literacy Program
  44. Hundred Housing Units in Bong
  45. Hundred Housing Units in Nimba
  46. Ganta–Saclepea–Tapitta Road
  47. Tapitta–Zwedru Road
  48. Tackle Corruption
  49. Electrification of King Jor in Cape Mount
  50. Rice Production and Food Security
  51. Pedestrian Sidewalk from ELWA to Broad Street
  52. Passage of TVET Act
  53. Regular Pension for ex-Soldiers
  54. Issuance of Tourist Visas
  55. US$25 Million COVID-19 Food Distribution
  56. Payment of Loans Owed by Marketers
  57. Free Electricity and Water Supply Amid COVID
  58. Design a Physical Layout for a New Capital City

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