No Monopoly on Violence: Boakai’s Call for Peace

MONROVIA – Joseph Boakai, the standard bearer of the Unity Party, has declared that the party will not tolerate intimidation or fear tactics from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) during the election period. Boakai emphasized that the Unity Party, known for its commitment to peace, will not allow the CDC thugs to undermine their campaign. He asserted that no individual possesses a monopoly over violence.

In his first appearance at the Party Fiamah campaign headquarters since returning from the US, Boakai issued a stern warning to the CDC against resorting to violence. He urged Liberians to maintain the peace while cautioning that the Unity Party’s peaceful demeanor should not be misconstrued as weakness.

Boakai asserted, “Unity Party will not sit idly by and allow the CDC to trample on us. Nobody holds a monopoly over violence. During President Weah’s campaign kickoff, there was a casket displayed, falsely claiming it was meant for me.

Speaking on Monday during the announcement of additional campaign team members, Boakai expressed gratitude to Liberians for their unwavering support. He acknowledged their orderly approach to launching the Rescue Mission Campaign, which aims to rescue the country from what he described as “greed, juvenile leadership, divisiveness, benign neglect, and disdain.”

He strongly condemned the recent violent attack on Unity Party partisans and drew attention to the party’s commitment to adhering to the principles of the Farmington Declaration. Boakai accused the CDC of having a history of employing violence, intimidation, and political thuggery as their signature tactics.

Boakai alleged that the George Weah-led administration had even orchestrated a campaign involving a mock casket, insinuating his demise. He accused them of resorting to violence out of desperation due to their lack of substantial campaign material.

George Weah and his associates are desperate, lacking meaningful campaign content. They have perpetuated poverty, death, and misery, showcasing their incompetence. Their campaign will be characterized by fear, intimidation, and thuggery. Nevertheless, we call on our supporters to stand firm, campaign without fear, and resist any attempts at intimidation,” Boakai emphasized.

Boakai extended sympathy to injured partisans from the August 2023 attack and thanked Dr. Louise Kpoto for her medical and humanitarian support. He expressed his readiness for victory on October 10, 2023, following the launch of the Rescue Mission Campaign on August 5, 2023.

The campaign’s overarching goal, according to Boakai, is to reclaim Liberia’s soul and reverse the hardships inflicted by the CDC government over the past six years. He noted that this election presents an opportunity for Liberians to make a significant decision for their future.

Boakai underscored the commitment of the Unity Party and its allies in the UP Alliance to unseat President Weah’s government, restore the nation’s dignity, and create a brighter future for all Liberians.

In response to President Weah’s claims that Boakai had promised to hand over leadership to young people, Boakai clarified that Liberia had already been turned over to “young kleptocrats” focused on personal gain.

Boakai stressed that the Unity Party is committed to a violence-free campaign but urged the National Elections Commission (NEC) and international partners to educate the CDC on peaceful elections. He emphasized that Unity Party respects the rule of law and urged President Weah to refrain from making appearances in places of worship, which should be treated with respect.

Boakai concluded by highlighting the vision of building an inclusive, equal-opportunity Liberia where trust and cooperation between the government and its citizens are restored. He affirmed that through open dialogue and engagement, concerns of the people will be addressed.

Source: Front Page Africa

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