Special Statement on the Naming of the Rescue Team

By the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party Amb. Joseph N. Boakai.
AUGUST 14, 2023

The Chairman and Members of the Executive Committee of the Unity Party
Chairs and Executives of Allied Parties
The Chair and members of the Rescue Team
Fellow Partisans
Supporters and well-wishers
Fellow Liberians, People of Liberia

Dear Partisans, Fellow Liberians

I thank God for today and thank all Liberians for their unwavering support as we embark upon the onerous task of rescuing our country from the claws of greed, juvenile leadership, divisiveness, benign neglect, and disdain. I want to thank you for the orderly manner in which you launched the Rescue Mission Campaign.

Before the naming of our Rescue Team, I would like to draw the attention of all Partisans, All Liberians, The National Elections Commission (NEC) and the International Community to recent violence and unprovoked attack on our Partisans on Monday, August 2023 which led to bloody experiences.

We have consistently maintained and respected adherence to the Farmington Declaration and called on all of our Partisans to conduct themselves consistent with the tenets of our Party.

However, the signature and hall mark of the CDC have been violence, intimidation, and insane acts of political thuggery. Under the leadership of George Weah, they planned, orchestrated, and organized a casket totting campaign wishing me dead. When they did not succeed, they are now desperately resorting to violence: the only thing they know best.

George Weah and his gangs are desperate and have nothing tangible to campaign on. They have distributed poverty, wrecked deaths and misery and demonstrated outright incompetence. Their campaign will be characterized by fear, intimidation, and thuggery but we call our partisans to turn out in their numbers and campaign and have no fear. We will resist any attempt to intimidate our supporters.

Our ultimate goal is to kick them out of power, redeem our country and restore the dignity of our people.

We empathize with our partisans and other Liberians who were attacked and got wounded on Monday, August 2023. We will support you in your recovery. We are grateful to Dr. Louise Kpoto for her medical and humanitarian assistance and care. Thanks to Dr. Louise Kpoto for visiting the injured and opening clinic at the compound.

I am glad to be back in the country, upbeat, reinvigorated and poised for our victory on October 10, 2023.

The Rescue Train officially set off its tracks on August 5, 2023, with an impressive people-to-people campaign throughout the country. This speaks to the quality of the team.

On behalf of myself and my running mate Senator Koung, I extend thanks to Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, our Chair, Senator Moye, our Campaign Manager, and the entire Rescue Team for the excellent achievements thus far.

This campaign is to reclaim the soul of our nation. It is a national call to rally citizens of our country for a Rescue Mission to reverse the hardships being inflicted on our nation and families over the past 6 years of backward leadership. It is to give Liberian children hope, and free our youth from drugs.

Our country has never been at this deterioration point since the restoration of democratic governance in 2006, and at this juncture in its history, there can never be a better time than now for Liberians to make one of the most consequential decisions in salvaging the future.

IT IS DECISION TIME! We have launched our election campaign under the banner of the UP Alliance, which demonstrates a commitment to rally a broad cross-section of Liberians to work and achieve the promise of a better Liberia. We are, therefore, determined, filled with hope and aspiration for a brighter future for our country.

The goal of the Rescue Mission’s Campaign is clear: to make the case to the suffering people of Liberia who have endured so much hardship under the CDC government and they now deserve better. The simple question all voters must therefore, answer during this campaign and on election day is this: Are you better off today than you were six years ago? If the answer as we know is NO, then there can be no patriotic duty than a determination to democratically unseat this regime, curtail corruption, stop the relentless pillaging of the national coffers and usher in an accountable and responsible government.

The rejection of Mr. Weah at the polls would also mean an end to fear over insecurity and unexplained mysterious deaths, an end to economic deprivation and social degradation of our people, an end to the poor state of health of our people, and the destruction of our youth by the drug epidemic in the country.

It would also mean a certain end to the high level of incompetence in government. Together, we must join hands to rebuild our beloved Liberia and restore good governance, transparency, and accountability.

I hear Weah looking for sympathy that Winston Tubman, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and I had promised to give the country to the younger generation. But Weah does not even know we had turned the country over to young kleptocrats whose only aim was to steal the people’s resources for themselves.

This election is meant to be violent free and Unity Party, as its culture, will stick to that. However, we ask NEC and our partners to educate this reckless CDC ruling leader who does not understand peaceful election that brought them to power. Unity Party is not a Party of violence, we respect the rule of law as demonstrated in 2018. Unity Party, however, we will not shy away from resisting and demanding respect and peaceful contest at any cost.

On another serious note, we are a God-fearing nation and a peaceful nation respecting religions co-existence. I appeal to President Weah to stop desecrating our mosques and churches by his reckless appearances there. Our places of worship must be respected.

This election is about rescuing the country, the President has served for 6 years.

Let President Weah tell the Liberians what his leadership of the young people he represents has done for the Liberians we see suffering hardship, corruption, killing, rape, and drugs.

Youth of Liberia, market women, school going children, do you want 6 more years of Weah young people rule?

Rescue Team, the vision we aspire is not mere ambition; it reflects a profound commitment to the welfare of every Liberian and those who reside within our borders. We aspire to build a country that is equal in opportunities, and inclusive without discrimination against any group of Liberians. We are determined to build a prosperous country where opportunities are accessible to all regardless of background, origin, tribal, religious, or political affiliation.

In order to achieve this vision, we must first foster trust and cooperation between the government and the people. One of the tenets of a strong democracy is a trust between citizens and their leaders. Hence, we will work to restore that trust by creating avenues for open dialogue and engagement, ensuring your voices are heard, and your concerns addressed.

Fellow Liberians, our vision to transform this country will only remain a dream if we do not get out to vote in our thousands to change this failed government. We will not realize our set objectives to transform this country for the better if we maintain people in power whose only goal is to take what belongs to the people for themselves.

In order to achieve victory on October 10, we need a hard-working, robust and inclusive campaign team that will run a responsible campaign to get out the votes and lead us to the desired result. Unlike the CDC, our campaign must be respectful of the rules and the provisions of the Farmington Declaration. We must not surrender to the temptations of those who seek to distract us. Those who oppose us might offer different opinions, but they too are Liberians.

This, however, does not mean we will allow them to violate us, as we will be firm to resist any attempt to intimidate our partisans, supporters, and the larger public during this campaign.

In addition, let me also make it abundantly clear that any plans or attempt, real or imagined, to steal this election will be vehemently resisted by the people of Liberia who have invested so much in the peace and stability of this country.

Liberians have waited patiently to end the division, vindictiveness, lies, theft, and murders. They will accept nothing less than a free, fair, transparent, and credible result. We will collectively protect our votes!

We are aware of the provocations and the display of juvenile leadership but if you temper with our votes, you temper with our power.

We will also leave no stone unturned to work with international prosecutors to arrest those who foster electoral violence and derail our peace.

Partisans, supporters, well-wishers, my fellow Liberians, you will recall that on July 2, 2023, I named the core campaign team and promised to complete the full team after extensive consultations. As a result of those consultations, I am pleased today to announce additional members to the Rescue Mission’s Campaign Team. Please note that as time will not permit us to call the names of everyone today, county campaign teams will be published in the newspapers and announced on radio and television.

*…. name additional campaign team members

I implore leaders and members of this team to be selfless and committed to the cause and to their country. History has placed you in a unique position to help bring about the change that the people of this country have been yearning for all these years. What you do and how you go about it for the good of your fellow citizens will define the kind of country you would like to leave with your children and grandchildren.

Forward ever, backward never! Victory is certain, as you Think Liberia, Love Liberia, and Build Liberia!

To you fellow Liberians, we again ask the question: Are you better off today than six years ago? If as we know your answer is NO, then vote them out of office because another six years would make matter worse for you and your family. Join the Rescue mission so that we can together Think Liberia, Love Liberia, and Build Liberia.

May God bless us all and save our country.

Thank you.


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