Rescue Team T-Shirt Printing

BEGINNING WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, PRINT YOUR T-SHIRT for the Rescue Team visit to District 13 on SEPTEMBER 2, 2023!

The Rescue Mission visits District 13 on next week Saturday, September 2, at the Iron Factory Field.

In preparation, we have established 3 points for the printing of t-shirts. BRING YOUR T-SHIRT AND PAY L$25 (Twenty-five Liberian Dollars) to have it printed IMMEDIATELY.
1) Unity Party District Office, New Georgia Nigerian Shop – 0881178565/ 0775157932
2) Royal Liberian Printing Press, Chocolate City New Road Junction – 0880843198/ 0777183110
3) Near Living World School, Central Jamaica Road – 0778747438

Signed: Cornelia Kruah-Togba (Rescue 13)


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