Boakai: Job Creation Top Priority

My Administration would prioritize job creation to empower citizens … says Ex-VP Boakai As He vows to reduce their dependence on government assistance for daily sustenance

The Standard Bearer of the main opposition Unity Party (UP), Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has promised that when elected President of Liberia his administration would prioritize job creation to empower citizens, reducing their dependence on government assistance for daily sustenance.

Ambassador Boakai also emphasized his commitment to education, vowing to equip both public and private schools adequately.

Speaking specifically in Districts 11 and 12 in Montserrado Country during his campaign tour, the former Vice President pledged to provide teachers with competitive salaries to ensure a high-quality education system that prepares Liberian youth for a promising future.

Our goal is to eliminate child labor and have every child in school, preparing for a brighter tomorrow. We aspire to create an environment in which Liberian youth can compete with their global counterparts,” he asserted.

On the subjects of sanitation and healthcare, the Unity Party standard bearer promised to ensure clean and safe communities with access to clean drinking water nationwide.

He also pledged to upgrade and maintain well-equipped hospitals, while also recruiting competent medical professionals to enhance the quality of healthcare services across the country.

He highlighted his international connections and potential investments in Liberia.

He stressed the importance of providing assurances to foreign investors that their investments would be safeguarded and that Liberians would have opportunities for personal growth without having to rely on political patronage

At the same time, the UP Political Leader has pledged to raise Liberia’s national budget to over one billion United States dollars during his presidency. He intends to achieve this goal through improved tax revenue collection.

Ambassador Boakai pointed out that revenue collection has been consistently underreported due to the government’s failure to disclose the full extent of tax collection.

He accused the government of diverting these funds for personal use rather than investing in the well-being of the Liberian people.

Mr. Boakai asserted, “Every year, our budget falls short of six hundred million dollars because tax collections are underreported. They declare less than they collect, and we are aware of it. Under our administration, we will ensure transparent reporting of all taxes collected, with the aim of creating opportunities for our citizens.”

Source: Heritage News

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