Big Fund Raising Day 27 Sept & 4 Oct 2023

Live on Spoon TV and Class Reloaded is the Joint Global Fund for Joe Boakai.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 27, and Wednesday, October 4, are pivotal days. These are our opportunities to wholeheartedly support Joe Boakai’s quest to secure the Liberian Presidency and Rescue Liberia. He is poised to win this election, and I’m confident in that. He has garnered the necessary votes, and public sentiment largely favors his victory. However, the primary challenge lies in safeguarding the votes from fraud.

Tomorrow and on October 4, you will hear from Joe Boakai and the Rescue Team, urging you to demonstrate your commitment to Liberia first and then to him by making a donation of any amount you can afford. In the lead-up to these significant fund days, our team will reach out to ask you to commit to an amount and specify the day you will make your donation. This is a national and global call to action.

If you’ve been searching for a meaningful way to contribute to Liberia’s well-being, this is the moment to unequivocally stand with Joe Boakai, who has pledged to protect the integrity of the votes. Liberia’s democracy hinges on the absence of any fraud in these elections, and you can help prevent that by donating, even if it’s just $1. Please consider donating whatever you can at

On behalf of Joe Boakai and the Rescue Team, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the many Liberians who have already donated and to those who have organized donation efforts. To those donating tomorrow and on October 4, we say a big thank you.

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