Infrastructure Development Plan

Our Vision & Mission

Transforming Liberia: A Comprehensive Infrastructure Development Plan

Our presidential campaign is centered around a transformative vision for Liberia, with a key focus on significant investments in critical infrastructure development. By prioritizing reliable transportation networks, modernized facilities, and access to clean water and energy, we aim to build a strong foundation for sustainable economic growth and improve the overall quality of life for all Liberians.

Transportation Network Enhancement:

We will embark on a comprehensive program to upgrade and expand Liberia’s transportation infrastructure. This includes the construction and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, and highways to improve connectivity between cities, towns, and rural areas. We will also prioritize the development of a sustained modern and efficient public transportation system, providing affordable and accessible options for commuters. My Presidency will end the insolvency of the National Transit Authority (NTA), moving away from being government and donor dependent to a revenue hub of the Government of Liberia while at the same providing affordable and sustained transport services to our people.    

Modernized Facilities:

To support the needs of our growing population and promote economic development, we will invest in modernizing key facilities. This includes upgrading healthcare centers and hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, ensuring quality healthcare services reach every citizen. Additionally, we will enhance educational institutions, equipping schools and universities with modern classrooms, laboratories, and resources to empower our youth with the skills necessary for the future.

Access to Clean Water and Energy:

We recognize the essential role of clean water and reliable energy in fostering progress and improving living standards. Our plan entails significant investments in water treatment and distribution systems to ensure clean and safe drinking water reaches all communities. Furthermore, we will prioritize the expansion of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote sustainable development.

Public-Private Partnerships:

To maximize the impact of our infrastructure development plan, we will actively engage with the private sector and foster public-private partnerships. By leveraging private investment and expertise, we can accelerate the pace of infrastructure projects, promote innovation, and create job opportunities for Liberians. These partnerships will enable us to pool resources, share risks, and implement projects efficiently and effectively.

Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection:

There is a gross disregard for environmental issues in Liberia: see the filths in our cities, see the abuse and plundering of our natural resources, the prevailing lack of environmental justice in our nation, the paucity of environmental innovation like electric vehicles as it is in Uganda and elsewhere, the abuse of the environment in the country with Bale Island being one of the typical examples. Ghana, for example, has a Ministry of the Environment, Innovation and Technology. JNB and his engineers are still studying the Ghana approach in a bid to refine the environment is treated in our beloved nation.

Empowering Liberia for a brighter Future:

Like water and air, electricity plays a crucial role in modern societies; industries depend on electricity; electricity propels development and innovations; it fuels our day-to-day activities; and entertainment and communication are a function of electricity. As we know, Liberia cannot grow in the dark: the nation needs electricity to improve the quality of life of its citizens. JNB will copy the mini-hydro initiatives used in Rwanda. The Unity Party Government in waiting will also use other technologies like solar panels and wind farms, renewable energy, etc. to bring electricity to all Liberians.

Internet Connectivity:

In current day realities, nobody will demise the importance/usefulness of Internet connectivity. Our daily life tasks, quality of life, and communication nowadays depend on Internet Connectivity. Liberia had a fiber optic cable connection since 2009, but the nation has not been able to utilize the opportunity by bringing high-speed Internet to our people: our schools, hospitals, and the hapless people to create the atmosphere where Liberians will start playing catch-up with their counterparts around the world. JNB has the willpower to make all these things happen.


Through our comprehensive infrastructure development plan, we are committed to building a resilient Liberia with robust transportation networks, modernized facilities, and sustainable access to clean water and energy. This transformative vision will not only stimulate economic growth but also improve the overall well-being and quality of life for every Liberian. Together, we will lay the groundwork for a prosperous future, ensuring that no one is left behind on our journey towards progress and development.