Key Investment Focus

The UP-led government will invest in the following to raise our people out of poverty and deprivation of all kinds:


Agriculture is the foundation of Liberia’s economy and plays a critical role not just in the national food economy but also serves as the main driver of economic development and source of employment for a large proportion of the Country’s labor force. Empowering farmers, providing the supportive infrastructures and facilities for developing our national staple as well as spur economic prosperity through agricultural development.


Roads remain critical infrastructure for the development of our country. The availability of quality paved roads and railroads will unlock the potential of both our agriculture and tourism industries and spur commerce and industry. We will make major investment in road network as a key infrastructure to support our overall economic development.

Rule of law

During our administration, we made critical gains during its twelve years administration by institutionalizing the rule of law, to aggressively fight corruption, reduce impunity with the justice system. The Justice and human rights systems remain weak, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), targeted at women, is widespread. Our judiciary system remains challenged by human resource, financial and infrastructural constraints resulting in a backlog of cases that undermines access to justice. We will continue to make investments to improve the rule of law with emphasis on the justice systems, the fight against corruption and SGBV.


Education is critical for the development of any nation, but our educational system remains replete with many challenges that affect not just access but also educational quality and outcomes. We will take specific actions to address the challenges in our educational sector.


Better sanitation is a critical area for human capital development; but our healthcare service delivery system continues to face various systemic challenges that affect efficient healthcare delivery and the provision of basic water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services. We are committed to ensuring that all Liberians irrespective of their geographical location, age, gender, socio-economic or political status have access to high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare services.


Our tourism industry remains largely underdeveloped despite the fact that our nation is endowed with natural habitats and scenic spots that make it a suitable designation for tourists from worldwide. We will designate Grand Cape County as the Country’s national tourism center, and undertake specific initiatives to exploit the tourism potential of our country: