Pillar Two

Our Pillars

Health, Wash, The Environment & Climate Change

It is an established fact that improved healthcare, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services are critical for human capital development. However, our health system faces various systemic challenges which continues to affect efficient healthcare delivery and the provision of basic WASH facilities. While some efforts have been made in health promotion, preventive and curative health services along with some investments in health facilities, the system remains challenged by low health professional-to-patient ratio, inadequate medical and surgical equipment, and low- quality drugs at most facilities. WASH services remain a major challenge with the vast majority of people in rural areas lacking decent toilets and latrines and have to defecate in the bushes around towns and villages. Majority of our people also lack access to safely managed drinking water and sanitation services. Limited access to safe drinking water, lack of basic sanitation services and poor hygiene practices negatively impact the overall health status and development of our people and leads to an inability of children to learn and increased school absenteeism. Recent trends in the environment and climate-change have also witnessed dramatic effects, such as flooding in urban communities, and drought which are negatively impacting farming. Improving access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities for our people should be a priority. Actions aimed at reducing the rate of infection, diseases and death will be taken to alleviate the above mentioned adversed situations.

Strengthen Healthcare Delivery System
Restore Confidence in Health Sector Leadership
Ensure a Patient-centered Health Workforce
Strengthen and Restore Integrity in Healthcare Financing
Strengthen Health Information System (HIS)
Ensure Availability of Medicines & Medical Supplies
Improve Mental Healthcare Delivery
Improve Water & Sanitation Services
Promote Development of Healthy Environment
Promote and Support Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives