Pillar Four

Our Pillars


The Unity Party began the process of rebuilding Liberia after assuming power in January 2006 through the prism of good governance and the rule of law. The commendable gains made on the governance and justice fronts were only possible because of the UP-led government’s commitment to ensuring that Liberia becomes a better place for all. Unfortunately, six years of poor governance has reversed those gains and the country continues to deteriorate in the dungeons of bad governance. As the Party gears up to retake state power, there is a need for a renewed and vigorous commitment to revive the governance and justice systems for a better Liberia.

Proper governance discharge of justice require time and commitment from leaders who understand the benefits of aligning every level of efforts to produce desired results. Good governance ensures that the governing environment is fair and transparent and that everyone can be held accountable for his or her action(s). Good governance and justice are capable of delivering a sustainable economic growth and development. Governance plays a key role in the development and prosperity in preserving the sanity of the nation. With good governance, it is possible for any country to develop effectively and enjoy prosperity. However, without good governance, a society can not achieve development and prosperity.

Improve Foreign Relations & Strengthen Global Engagement
Strengthen National Security to Ensure Security for all Residence
Improve Rule of Law and Ensure Justice for all Residence
Strengthen Integrity Institutions and Ensure Accountability in Public Service
Strengthen Election Governance to Ensure Transparency and Integrity in Electoral Process
Promote Peace and National Reconciliation
Pursue & Defined Legislative Agenda