Pillar Six

Our Pillars

Liberating Liberia: A Vision for an Anti-Corruption Nation

I come before you as a candidate for the Presidency with a fervent commitment to build a nation free from the shackles of corruption. I present to you a comprehensive plan—a blueprint for change that will transform Liberia into a beacon of transparency, integrity, and good governance. Together, we can unleash the true potential of our great nation and ensure a future where justice prevails, resources are utilized efficiently, and every citizen can thrive. Join me on this journey as we embark on an anti-corruption revolution.

Strengthening Anti-Corruption Institutions
Implementing Comprehensive Background Checks on Government Officials
Ensuring Accountability and Transparency
Digitizing Government Services
Implementing a Zero-Tolerance Policy
Promoting Ethical Leadership and Public Service
Engaging Civil Society and the Private Sector
International Cooperation and Stolen Asset Recovery